Because war’s prevent, Ty Lee depending a robust doing work relationship with others Kyoshi Warriors

Because war’s prevent, Ty Lee depending a robust doing work relationship with others Kyoshi Warriors

Ty Lee and you can Sokka spotted each other once more after Ty Lee was launched away from jail following the end of your own Hundred-year Combat. Within Zuko’s coronation, she featured just before him, outfitted since an excellent Kyoshi Warrior. Sokka implicated this lady out of antagonistic objectives, but Suki indicated that Ty Lee had inserted the girl class shortly after making up with these people throughout their imprisonment. From this area, she had including resigned that have Suki, Sokka’s latest girlfriend. [8]

Kyoshi Fighters

Ty Lee and Kyoshi Fighters was pure foes from inside the war. They first found one another within the a tree where in actuality the fighters had nursed a lost Appa back to wellness. By using the girl household members, Ty Lee outdone the warriors having fun with chi blocking. She taunted her or him from the saying, “You aren’t prettier than simply we’re!” Pursuing the battle, she along with her friends stole the the uniforms, disguising on their own as allies of Environment Empire to help you penetrate and you will take Ba Sing Se. [9]

After teaming with Mai and you can betraying Azula following battle, Ty Lee is imprisoned and the attentive Kyoshi Warriors. If you find yourself with her, the girls fused with each other, to the fighters flexible Ty Lee on her previous methods. Immediately after she instructed him or her a few instruction toward chi clogging, they anticipate this lady to participate their group, an offer she gladly acknowledged. [7]

Pursuing the war concluded, Ty Lee along with her this new class was in fact put out off jail, in which she constructed along with her previous opponent, Suki. Ty Lee turned into truly the only outsider, aside from Sokka, to participate the new Kyoshi Fighters. She stated within Zuko’s coronation because the Flames Lord which they was in fact likely to be “close friends permanently”. [8]

[10] But not, doing 102 AG, she started to question her place on the team and you may believe of stopping as it made the girl feel like her home life within a combined place, several somebody looking and you will pretending an identical. Even after the lady anxiety about shedding the girl character, Ty Lee pointed out that the other fighters had been including siblings in order to the lady hence sometimes it try best that you have the support away from a group. Realizing that even with their similarities, they certainly were also different and therefore she could take regarding the lady make-up once in a while, she stayed on people, continuing the solid thread. [2]


Even after its significantly differing personalities, with Ty Lee expressing an outbound, friendly character as opposed to Mai’s stoic, most booked manner, Mai try Ty Lee’s closest friend and you will vice versa. Even with partaking from inside the a good prank Azula conceived in order to embarrass Mai, [12] both was able a powerful relationship, emphasizing the effectiveness of the matchmaking kasidie. Ty Lee occasionally teased Mai on her break to the Zuko, [4] a romance she indeed advised. There was discord among them in the some points, like whenever Mai realized that Ty Lee required the love from ten men because of the girl diminished youth attention, an announcement you to definitely hurt Ty Lee profoundly. [1] It doesn’t matter, Ty Lee still showed high support in order to Mai. When Mai betrayed Azula and conserved Zuko during the Boiling hot Rock, the fresh Flames Country little princess requested their aspects of the girl tips and you may happy to duel Mai. Sensing the woman friend was in hazard, Ty Lee unhesitatingly continued in order to take off Azula’s chi to save Mai, by herself betraying this new princess to which she got prior to now found tremendous devotion. The 2 people was imprisoned on the Azula’s instructions [7] but was basically put-out following the stop of war. [8]

Following Hundred-year War’s achievement, [8] Ty Lee and you can Mai maintained a powerful relationship, despite not-being together all that have a tendency to. Therefore, Ty Lee plus the Kyoshi Fighters readily lead Mai’s demand so you’re able to include Zuko’s protection following the multiple risks made up against his lifetime [13] and was tolerated by the Mai to kiss their.

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